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Welcome permalink

A picture named frontierBox2.gifThe OPML Editor is a full distribution of Frontier.

It's a fork I started in 2005. I wanted to make improvements to the environment without the intense discussions that were taking place on the kernel mail list.

I've done a lot of work since then, fixing bugs, rewriting modules that needed rewriting, and adding lots of new capabilities and connections to web services, like Amazon, Twitter, Flickr, OAuth. There's JSON parser. The RSS support is much deeper and simpler. Etc.

There are a bunch of new apps, including Radio2 which is a linkblogging tool, River2 which is a river-of-news aggregator and World Outline which is a new content management system built around outlining. (The site you're reading right now is a worldoutline-managed site.)

This site points you to places to look for new stuff.

PS: This is a work in progress. So the lists aren't complete. Working on it! :-)

Frontier-user list permalink

I've restarted the Frontier-user mail list on Google Groups.

Feeds permalink

There are two feeds to follow for news of developments in the environment.

1. The Updates feed includes every part, whether it's for opml.root or any of the tools. Every update has a description, so you can get an idea of what's changed.

2. My personal worknotes feed, which is almost entirely about developments in the environment, updates every time I add a new note to my outline.

Further, there's a feed for each of the roots, that contains all the updates since we started using RSS as the root updates mechanism. For example, this is the feed for updates to opml.root.

BTW, opml.root is the equivalent of frontier.root and radio.root. It's where all the system code is, and the glue connecting to other apps.

RIver of Frontier news permalink

I've put together a river with all the Frontier-related news sources I know of.

Here's the subscription list for the river. permalink is a blog I was maintaining with updates, before I had my act together over here on the world outline. You'll find lots of important tech notes and discoveries there.

Tools Catalog permalink

The OPML Editor ships with an empty Tools folder. This was an important change that took place in 2008, along with the Tools Catalog page.

Instead of coming with some default set of tools, I made it super easy to install whatever tools you want. You don't have to download files to specific folders. That happens automatically.

The Tools Catalog command is in the Misc menu.

A rundown of the big apps permalink

river2.root is a rewrite of the aggregator that shipped with Frontier/Radio for years. It needed a rewrite, since we learned a lot about RSS over time. It is a podcatcher, does realtime with the RSS cloud element.

scripting2.root is a rewrite of the blogging software I use for You can install it and run it. It also need a rewrite, as it had evolved over years with lots of additions and trial features that didn't pan out.

radio2.root, as its name implies, is a link-oriented group linkblog app. It's the blogging portion of Blork. I know that's confusing but that's the way the product came together. You can find instructions on setting up a blork server on the frontiernews site.

myPhotos.root downloads all your pictures from Flickr and uploads them to S3. Leave it running and you'll have copies of everything you flow through Flickr.

Big new capabilities permalink

system.verbs.apps.s3 -- read/write to Amazon storage. Also support for Route53 their DNS manager, and SimpleDB.

system.verbs.apps.oAuth -- it really works. -- Instant outliner client and server, built on long-polling. Works, used it in a small development community.

Improvements to core functionality permalink

scheduler2, comlete rewrite.

log2, complete rewrite., rebuild, and streamline. Directories in Manila won't work with this version.

mainResponder used to be in a separate root, now it's in opml.root at builtins.mainResponder. Tools websites are managed by mainResponder now, the websiteFramework responder is still an option, but not the default. sites are still running permalink are still on the air, thanks to Jake Savin.

That includes Frontier, Radio, Manila, DocServer.

Code listings permalink current listings for all the code in opml.root and each of the tools on the Tool Catalog page.

This not only makes it easy to browse the source code online, but it also means that it is indexed by search engines.

Is there an Intel version for the Mac? permalink

Yes. It's in the Universal App sub-folder of the Extras Folder of the Mac DMG that you can download from

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